McCarter & English, LLP

- Sandra Cummins, CLE/In House Training Coordinator
"I have never worked with such willing and expert developers, nor with such courteous and responsive technical support."

"We have used LawCruit, Top Performance and CE Manager for many years, and we continue to be more than pleased with every aspect of our partnership with Micron Systems.

Their software is easy to use, and has been a huge asset with regard to both recruiting and professional development. More importantly, Micron Systems listens to their customers - if their programs don't already do what users want it to do, their developers will more often than not find a way to make it happen. Platforms that were excellent to begin with have continued to grow over time as users' needs expand.

I have never worked with such willing and expert developers, nor with such courteous and responsive technical support. Their trainers are patient and nurturing - their goal is to make users 100% comfortable with Micron Systems' products. In addition to on-line tutorials and webinars, we have always felt welcome to call with any questions, no matter how simple.

Being able to upload documents submitted in support of applications, and to store certificates for our attorneys, is efficient and saves space. Time is saved hunting down hard copies of missing documents by simply being able to pull them up in the database. It's fast, efficient and clean. Our attorneys love getting reports detailing their CLE compliance, and as an accredited provider of CLE in several states, the ability to produce consistently accurate year-end reports in a matter of minutes is a delight.

We started using their software when our firm was smaller and life seemed simpler. Thank goodness we did - I'm not sure our department could have kept up without Micron Systems!" 

Kearney & Company P.C.

- Diane Jackson, Human Resources
"I am glad we chose Micron Systems’ CE Manager!"

"Switching to a different CPE tracking software was not an easy decision, but I am glad we chose Micron Systems’ CE Manager!  The professionals at my firm appreciate the accuracy of CE Manager’s compliance reports and I appreciate the ease-of-use.  I have also been impressed by the level of service provided by the Micron Systems staff - when I call with a question or a challenge, they always rise to the occasion." 

Much Shelist, P.C.

- Jennifer G. Gallinson, Director of Attorney Recruitment & Development
"We have never had such a high completion rate for our evaluations!"  

"Our firm went from a hard-copy evaluation system to Top Performance in a matter of weeks thanks to Micron Systems. Their technical support and training consultants are top notch. They worked with us every step of the way, providing on-call training to support our transition. Our attorneys were thrilled to have the flexibility of filling out evaluations online and remotely. We have never had such a high completion rate for our evaluations! We were so happy with Top Performance that we are now including all of our staff evaluations as well. I’d highly recommend Top Performance to anyone looking for an effective and efficient online performance management system." 

Brown Rudnick LLP

- Darien K.S. Fleming, Director of Talent Management
"I adore Micron Systems and their products!"

"I adore Micron Systems. I find the people at Micron Systems to be extremely helpful and kind. They are ALWAYS making software improvements. I could not be happier.

We use CE Manager for our Training calendar and CLE tracking. Through the database, we can issue CLE Certificates to in-house training attendees. Also, the CLE rules are always up to date - Micron alerts users to all CLE rule changes across 50+ jurisdictions. What a gift!

We also use LawCruit in our hiring processes. Our candidates apply directly through LawCruit, which eliminates data entry for the team. We are able to easily track the status of candidates and automatically generate correspondence from the Firm to candidates. This is extremely useful during the OCI process when we have thousands of applications pouring in.

Lastly, we use Top Performance for our evaluation processes. We are able to easily create evaluation forms and track the performance of employees. Top Performance allows for automatic reminders to be sent, so we don't have to chase people for feedback. Having ONE source for all feedback makes evaluation processes run smoothly.

Let me say it again. I adore Micron Systems and their products!" 

Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker LLP

- Deborah Hilton, Senior Specialist, Global Attorney Development
"We knew we had made the right decision in committing to Micron products."

"Our migration from our previous CLE tracking system to CE Manager was so efficient.  Once we started utilizing the system, we immediately realized all the benefits that we were missing and were able to provide a standard of customer service to our attorneys beyond our expectations.  When committing to CE Manager we anticipated and required a high level of technical support provided by Micron, we weren't expecting Micron surpass those expectations multiplied.  By the end of our first month, we knew we had made the right decision in committing to Micron products." 

Mills & Reeve LLP

- Trevor Comyn, Head of Knowledge, Learning & Development
"An all around management system tool for our training needs!"

"CE Manager has helped Mills & Reeve in tracking and reporting CPD across the firm within SRA compliance.  We are able to create, invite and evaluate training for all staff across multiple offices from one central point.  CE Manager enables us to keep a platform for our e-learning material as well, so that staff can access at any point from their desk.  An all around management system tool for our training needs!" 

Allen & Overy LLP

- Patricia Bencivenga, Associate Development Specialist
"The Micron staff are extremely helpful and willing to listen to any requests that you have."

"Micron CE Manager is an easy-to-use and efficient CLE tracker.  The system does all the calculations for you.  The attorneys at my firm depend on the automated email reminders to keep them informed about their credits.  They think that I am working too hard when they see the email was sent at 2:00 am!  The Micron staff are extremely helpful and willing to listen to any requests that you have, from transferring records from one firm to another, to adding features that you think are important.  I highly recommend Micron CE Manager!" 

Dechert, LLP

- Ellen Stevens, Firmwide Recruitment Assistant
"I cannot imagine performing my recruiting responsibilities without LawCruit!"

"Dechert has used LawCruit for many years, but still, Micron Systems continues to impress us with the product's development and new capabilities.  The LawCruit webinars are extremely helpful in learning how to use the system to its greatest potential, and we are amazed at how LawCruit has simplified vital aspects of our day to day jobs.  In particular, xPress Reporting has revolutionized the way we track our firmwide recruiting efforts - from Law School applicants to Summer Associate assignments. xPress allows us to create customized reports that meet each of our office's individual needs, while also allowing us to run comprehensive reports for firmwide tracking.  This feature has virtually eliminated our need for Excel documents!  To top it all off, xPress is extremely user-friendly, and the customer support team at Micron Systems is always available if help is needed.  I cannot imagine performing my recruiting responsibilities without LawCruit!"