The Strength of CE Manager’s CLE Tracking is Unmatched

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Reqwired is leaving the CLE tracking market, and recommends Micron Systems to transition its clients to CE Manager.  Scores of law firms have already switched from Reqwired to CE Manager.  Here’s why:

  • Hundreds of law firms rely on CE Manager, because they know its expertise at CLE tracking is unequaled

  • With 15 years of experience, CE Manager calculates CLE rules and requirements – and all of their nuances – like no other software on the market

  • CE Manager is cloud-based, so there is no need to burden your IT staff with installing and maintaining software

  • Our Implementation Team is highly experienced at converting CLE data from Reqwired, and has already migrated more than 50 firms - ensuring a smooth transition for you

Let's get your transition started!

Please contact us in one of these three ways:

  • Call Derek Weihs at (646) 734-2964

  • Send an email to

  • Or, if you prefer, fill out the form to the right and click "Submit"

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