BizCruit for Healthcare ATS + Prophecy Pre-hire Testing - a winning combination!

Features are everything!  Your new favorite ATS awaits you with these powerful tools...

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BizCruit for Healthcare offers healthcare facilities state-of-the-art recruiting software designed specifically for the healthcare industry. This cloud-based ATS provides a simple user interface packed with powerful features that allow healthcare recruiters to manage the entire candidate-to-hire process within one system.  Here are some stand-out features:

Branding and Candidate Application Experience

Right from the Career page on your website, candidates can view job postings and complete an application that sends data directly to BizCruit for Healthcare so you don’t have to key it in.  You are able to brand the postings and application with your colors and logos so it puts your best foot forward.  Meanwhile, on submission the candidate will immediately receive a personalized email from you that you can customize and brand.  Your candidates feel great and want to work for you, and you look great!

Branded Job Postings

BCH Branded Job Postings

Branded Emails to Candidates

 BCH Branded Email


Real Outlook Integration for Interview Scheduling

It’s hard to schedule interviews with your busy staff, but It’s important that they participate in the hiring process.  Our ATS is integrated with your Outlook calendars – no more scheduling conflicts or hunting down people’s agendas.   With BizCruit for Healthcare, you can view whether your staff is free or busy while you are scheduling candidate interviews.  To top that off, when you schedule the interview, BizCruit for Healthcare immediately sends an actual Outlook calendar appointment that gets booked right into your staff’s calendar!

Interviewer Availability from Outlook

BCH Available Time Slots

Actual Outlook Appointment Sent to Interviewer

BCH Outlook Appointment 


Customized Online Interview Evaluations and Summary Reports

You are interviewing all kinds of candidates – Nurses, Physicians, and Administrative Staff – and each requires unique evaluation criteria.  BizCruit for Healthcare allows you to build as many evaluation forms as you want using an easy interface for creating all kinds of questions such as ratings, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and essay.  Interviewers can easily complete their evaluations online just by clicking a link in their email!  Then you can run a quick report that immediately aggregates all of their responses on a certain candidate.  Your Hiring Committee will appreciate the succinct look at your future hires.

Interviewer Fills Out Online Evaluation

BCH Online Evaluation


Pre-hire Testing Integration

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Workflow is crucial.  One of the best features in BizCruit for Healthcare is that it is integrated with Prophecy’s Pre-hire Testing.  You can launch a pre-hire assessment directly from a candidate’s profile in our ATS.  The candidate’s results will post in BizCruit for Healthcare, and you can report on multiple candidates at once, finding those with the best scores.  Prophecy’s Predictive Index of Clinical, Situational, and Behavioral attributes will give you an accurate profile of your candidate’s abilities and allow you to make the best hiring choices.

Pre-Hire Assessment Results

Clinical Assessment by Prophecy