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Our Company

A true innovator, Micron Systems has spearheaded and mastered the development of sophisticated and groundbreaking talent management software. We’re committed to serving the unique and ever-changing needs of the legal and accounting industries by creating intuitive, feature-rich, and cost-effective software. We’re dedicated to a culture of service to our clients, prospective clients, partners, and employees.


Our Software

We lead the way for law firms and accounting firms with superior technology, delivering all-encompassing talent management solutions to keep them competitive, nimble, efficient, and thriving. Our leading-edge software and exceptional customer support evoke enthusiasm among the most demanding professionals and instill confidence within the most prestigious global firms.

Why We're Trusted by Top Firms

Number One

Law & Accounting Speciality

Past, present, and future focus on talent management, for complete expertise in the legal and accounting industries

Number Two

Advanced Software Suite

Integrated or stand-alone cloud-based software equipped with superior features for one competitive price

Number Three

25 Years of Experience

Unmatched experience, passion, and a culture of service makes working with us effective, easy, and enjoyable

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