The CE Manager Treasure Chest: PLI Certificates and Other Compliance Gems

Posted by The Micron Systems’ Editorial Team (June 2022)

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Micron Systems and Practising Law Institute (PLI) have enhanced our long-standing integration to now automatically include the PLI CLE Certificates of Attendance in CE Manager.

The Micron Systems Editorial Team shares a short video and press release about this valuable new feature along with 5 compliance gems law firms can find and utilize in CE Manager to advance their professional development programs.

Law firms need to be sure their attorneys are practicing in compliance with the jurisdiction in which they are licensed. This has become an increasingly important element in a firm’s risk management portfolio, and that's why we continue to expand our CE Manager integrations with industry-leading organizations like PLI.

Hunt through a handful of compliance gems CE Manager has to offer below and consider adding them to your firm's own professional development program:

  • PLI Certificates: Many of CE Manager’s clients take advantage of the stand-out content offered by Practising Law Institute (PLI), and depend on it to educate their attorneys. Not only does the CLE credit earned from PLI programs get automatically calculated in an attorney’s CE Manager CLE Report, but now the supporting CLE certificates also appear in the attorney’s CE Manager Portal.

  • In-House Certificates: Let CE Manager automatically create your in-house CLE Certificates! This includes required certificate formats for states such as New York, California, and Illinois. Keep your focus on creating impactful content for your own attorneys and clients, and rely on CE Manager to take care of your compliance as an accredited provider.

  • CLE Certificates in One Place: Whether your attorneys are attending programs offered by PLI, your own firm, or other third-party providers, CE Manager allows you to keep all of their certificates in one easy-to-access place. If your attorney is selected for a CLE audit, you can rest assured that all of the credit calculations, certificates of attendance, and compliance proof needed are in one repository within CE Manager.

  • Compliance Calculation: CE Manager provides accurate CLE tracking and compliance management for all US jurisdictions, and CPD compliance tracking internationally – all tracked with detail and precision. Micron’s compliance team maintains easy-to-read rule summaries so that CLE administrators and attorneys can be confident in the jurisdictional requirements and an attorney’s compliance status.

Bonus Gem: The New York State CLE Year-End Report and Activity Table! Are you spending hours, days, and weeks putting together your end-of-year reports as an accredited provider in New York? Run your reports in seconds within CE Manager – it quickly aggregates all of your in-house CLE program data and renders it in the required New York form.


To learn more about the CE Manager and PLI integration, read our press release: 


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To learn more about the CE Manager and PLI integration, watch the video:


CE Manager PLI Integration


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