Collect and Report on Meaningful Feedback: Top Performance Introduces Surveys

Posted by The Micron Systems’ Editorial Team (October 2021)

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Top Performance allows you to gather meaningful employee feedback through the newly introduced Survey Module. Now, you can manage your firm's performance process cycles, survey your people on key areas of interest, and report on the results - all in one application. 

Whether you want to survey your employees about their engagement and satisfaction, ask them to evaluate your firm's onboarding processes or Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) policies, or even provide feedback on your leadership team or during exit interviews, Top Performance will help you collect meaningful information and track it via our Survey module. 

Surveys help your firm to measure employee engagement, identify trends to take action to solve problems early and provide opportunities for employees to feel they have a voice.

In a Harvard Business Review article titled "Employee Surveys Are Still One of the Best Ways to Measure Engagement," the authors reinforce the value of surveys as a measurement of employee engagement, sharing that conducting consistent employee opinion surveys is recommended as a "high-performance HR practice" and "it would be a big mistake to abandon them today."

Surveys are the perfect opportunity to remind your firm's professionals and staff that their opinions matter and help you to monitor employee engagement levels, which directly affect your organization's goals and productivity.

In fact, the act of conducting regular pulse surveys is the first step to keeping employees engaged argues John Boitnott, the author of Entrepreneur's "What are Pulse Surveys, and How Can They Help Your Company?" Boitnott writes, "Asking employees for regular, relevant feedback is itself positive employee engagement."

With Top Performance, you can easily share a survey, track the responses and analyze the feedback via our Reports Library. The application's mobile-friendly design also allows survey participants to complete tasks - even when they're on the go! 

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