Keep Compliance Tracking Simple with CE Manager: 2021 License Updates

Posted by The Micron Systems’ Editorial Team (May 2021)

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In 2020, our team added 20 new licenses to CE Manager. In Q1 of 2021, we've added 10 more. When it comes to compliance tracking of continuing education requirements, CE Manager has you covered, tracking compliancy for nearly 500 professional and custom licenses and certifications. 


2020 & 2021 License Updates in CE Manager

Tracking compliancy is a full-time job, as CLE & CPE compliance requirements are constantly being updated. That's why it's important to have a tool that can take care of the heavy lifting for you.

In 2020, CE Manager added tracking requirements for 20 new licenses. In the first quarter of 2021, we've begun tracking 10 more. In total, CE Manager now tracks compliance with the continuing education requirements for approximately 400 professional licenses and certifications. 

Additionally, we've helped create more than 100 custom licenses for our clients to track the unique requirements they have in place for their own professionals and staff, bringing CE Manager’s total number of available licenses to approximately 500.


CE Manager Compliance Tracking By The Numbers

CEM Numbers

CE Manager currently tracks 85 licenses in the accounting industry, 162 licenses in the legal industry and 146 licenses in other professional service industries, including finance, insurance, fraud detection, retirement, human resources, IT and real estate.

For accounting, these include CPA licenses, accounting memberships and certifications in tax and internal control. For legal, these include attorneys and solicitors, legal specialists and paralegals.

Approximately 50 of these licenses track the continuing education requirements for international certifications offered in 20 countries across the globe, and the CE Manager rules engine allows us to quickly add licenses to our clients' databases based on their needs. 


Beyond Tracking: Our World-Class LMS

CE Manager offers more than precise tracking; it is also a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) that allows our clients to effectively deliver the programming their professionals need to maintain compliancy.

Through its user-friendly learner’s portal, professionals and staff can easily find and register for courses and launch e-learning. Our streamlined scheduling, branded certificates of attendance, and automated customized invitations, course announcements, reminders and evaluations make managing in-house programs a breeze. Third-party content providers such as PLI, West Legal Ed, and Becker CPE also seamlessly integrate with CE Manager.

To view the full list of licenses and professional certifications CE Manager tracks, click here

**Editor's Note: CE Manager added 11 new licenses in the 2021 calendar year.


Learn more about our new world-class LMS:


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