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LawCruit Makes Video Interviews in a Remote World Easy

Posted by The Micron Systems’ Editorial Team (December 2020)

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LawCruit has collaborated with Zoom and WebEx to make the process of scheduling a video interview simple and easy. These newly added integrations allow you to use your existing WebEx and Zoom accounts to create unique interview links for each applicant. Remote interviewing could not be simpler.


Hiring Solutions for Recruiters in 2021

The world of human resources as we know it is being disrupted, and HR leaders are seizing this moment to rethink everything. We must address the challenges of a remote workforce when it is time to recruit top talent. For many companies, video interviews have replaced traditional methods of recruiting and have become a key step in the process of hiring the right people.

This means it is more important than ever that your applicant tracking system (ATS) handles video interviews with ease and simplicity. Our collaboration with Zoom and WebEx is another example of why hundreds of law firms rely on LawCruit for legal and staff recruiting. 


How LawCruit Makes Video Interviews Simple

LawCruit's newly added integration allows you to use your existing WebEx and Zoom accounts to create unique Interview links per applicant, which allows interviewers to set up a WebEx or Zoom meeting to conduct a video interview with an applicant. 

These meetings can then be added to the interview records as they are being created, and the meeting details can be added to both the attorney and applicant itinerary emails using the newly added meeting tokens on the email templates.

The schedule links have also been updated for both the applicants and the interviewers to include the Zoom or WebEx meeting details. 



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LawCruit Video Interviewing Collaboration with Webex and Zoom


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