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Micron Systems Welcomes CPE/CLE Compliance Expert Mary Wheatley to Team

Posted by The Micron Systems’ Editorial Team (December 2020)

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Mary comes to Micron Systems with an extensive background in LMSs, CPE/CLE compliance and performance management. Her broad knowledge of continuing education rules and regulations, processes, and procedures provides a solid foundation for her role as a Product Specialist for CE Manager and Top Performance in understanding and supporting our clients’ needs.


Mary Wheatley

When it comes to compliance tracking and performance management, you want to work with the best. That's why Micron Systems has added Mary Wheatley (FKA Mary Dignard) as a Product Specialist to our team of talent management experts.

Mary comes to Micron Systems with 20 years of experience as a Learning and Development and Performance Management Manager at the accounting and consulting firm of EKS&H/PlanteMoran. At EKS&H, Mary led the talent development strategy for the firm, using CE Manager as their Learning Management System (LMS) and to monitor continuing education compliance for more than 400 CPAs. Mary also served on the CPE Learning and Compliance Board for the Colorado Society of CPAs for more than 8 years, and will resume her position as a Board member in 2021.

“As a client for more than a decade, I can say that Micron Systems consistently provides outstanding client support and is always looking to the future on improving system functionality. For the last three years, Micron Systems has focused on re-writing CE Manager and Top Performance with the goal of providing browser agnostic, mobile-friendly, updated products, specifically designed for accounting firms and law firms. Micron achieved its goal! Top Performance is one-of-a-kind performance evaluation software that meets all accounting and legal performance management requirements. The new CE Manager, which will be released early next year, is a powerful LMS that accurately tracks continuing education compliance for CPAs and attorneys. The integration of these two platforms will enable accounting firms and law firms to seamlessly train, ensure CPE/CLE compliance, evaluate work performance, and coach staff along their career journeys. The new CE Manager and Top Performance products are simply world-class.

Now, being a part of the Micron Systems team, I’m able to see behind the curtain and recognize the efforts by brilliant team members, their hard work and collaboration, and care that goes into every detail of developing, testing, and integrating our products, all while keeping our clients’ needs at the forefront of our decisions. I am excited to be a part of this forward-thinking and growing organization.”



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