Micron Systems’ Software Development Team Surpasses 45 Full-Time People

Posted by The Micron Systems’ Editorial Team (April 2021)

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The Micron Systems' software development team now has more than 45 full-time people. Many of our full-time product owners and developers have spent most of their professional lives developing talent management software. Collectively, our team has over 100 years of experience providing law firms and accounting firms with the tools they need to manage the employee life cycle.


At Micron Systems, our seasoned team of industry experts and software programmers is hard at work developing browser-agnostic, mobile-friendly software for today's remote workforce. We are in the process of hiring 6 additional full-time programmers in 2021, and our development team will soon surpass 50 full-time people.


Micron Systems Team Grwoth

Micron Systems is Committed to Creating World-Class Software

While the New CE Manager and the New Top Performance are superior to competitor products on the market, Micron Systems continues to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year enhancing these products as part of our continued commitment to creating world-class talent management software for accounting firms and law firms. 

Whether we are streamlining the recruiting process with new integrations or releasing new products created using the input of 4,000+ talent management leaders, our focus remains on making talent management simpler through our integrated suite of software. 


New Products Coming in 2021 and 2022

In addition to the release of the New CE Manager and the New Top Performance, we have begun development on a new Work Allocation and Workload Forecasting/Utilizing Software which will likely be released in the latter half of 2021.

Simultaneously, our development team is preparing for the New LawCruit and its soon-to-be-announced sister product, which will be an Applicant Tracking System/Recruiting Software specifically designed for accounting firms. Both of these products will be released in 2022.

Read more about some of our latest team additions:



About Micron Systems: 

Micron Systems is a well-funded private company dedicated to developing world-class talent management software specifically designed for accounting firms and law firms. To learn more about our solutions for Continuing Education and Compliance Tracking, Recruiting and Performance Management software, please contact our team for a demo. 


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