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The Importance of Talent Management: New Micron Systems Offers Solutions

Posted by The Micron Systems’ Editorial Team (December 2020)

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The New Micron Systems is here. With products like the New Top Performance, a powerful performance evaluation software, and the New CE Manager, a sophisticated learning management system, Micron Systems provides law firms and accounting firms with the tools they need to recruit, educate, develop and manage professionals and staff throughout all stages of their careers.


The right technology makes all the difference when it is time to motivate your lawyers, accountants and staff to achieve peak performance. That's why the New Micron Systems has spent nearly $5 million on new software development to build a mobile ready integrated suite of talent management software.


The History of Micron Systems: Developing World-Class Talent Management Software

The New Micron Systems started on September 22, 2016 when CEO David Wit acquired full control of the company. David had a singular goal—to develop world-class, cutting-edge talent management software for law firms and accounting firms.

David assembled his team, quickly gathered funding from well-established, silent investors and began the journey. David had done this before. While working hard at Hamilton College and graduating summa cum laude with a 4.0, David founded his first software company, Logicat Inc. For 17 years, Logicat was a leading developer of innovative educational software products, including a number of products designed specifically for the law and accounting industries.

Micron Systems' CEO, David Wit

David took the same attention to detail and entrepreneurial drive and applied it to the New Micron Systems. However, he wanted to be very quiet about the browser agnostic, mobile-friendly software the company was developing.


The Future of Micron Systems: The New Top Performance & The New CE Manager

Now, the New Micron Systems is ready to let the world know it is here. Micron’s first product is the New Top Performance. Built on a new platform with a fresh modern interface, this powerful performance evaluation software allows accounting firms and law firms to evaluate, develop and report on their professionals and staff.

Micron Systems’ second product is the New CE Manager, a sophisticated learning management system (LMS) that provides our best-in-breed CLE, CPE, and CPD compliance tracking. The New CE Manager combines world-class LMS software with detailed and accurate continuing education compliance tracking for attorneys and accountants.

Together, Top Performance and CE Manager create a powerful synchronization of learning and performance.

The New LawCruit and a similar product for the accounting industry will be the next two products released. These mobile-friendly recruiting software products will enable law firms and accounting firms to achieve their hiring goals, hire the best talent, and streamline the recruiting process.



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