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6 Strategies to Effectively Manage Talent for Law & Accounting Firms

Posted by The Micron Systems’ Editorial Team (July 2022)

The importance of human capital toward the success of a business is indisputable. It's critical to review strategies and develop best practices for managing talent related to each part of the talent management cycle from recruiting to development to retention. 

Our Micron Systems' Editorial Team highlights six strategies to consider when looking at your firm's talent management systems.

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Topics: Recruiting, Learning and Development, Industry Insights, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Five Questions to Answer When Setting Up Your Firm's Continuing Education Learning Plans

Posted by The Micron Systems’ Editorial Team (September 2021)

Digital learning is here to stay. The future of work will require organizations to assess the focus of firmwide Learning and Development (L&D) strategies and build learning plans accordingly.

The Micron Systems' Editorial Team outlines five questions you should answer while setting up continuing education (CE) and compliance learning plans for the staff and professionals at your firm.

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Topics: Learning and Development, Industry Insights

A World Without Ratings: The Future of Performance Management

Posted by The Micron Systems’ Editorial Team (March 2021)

Even before COVID-19 introduced unprecedented challenges to the HR status quo, the perfect performance review process did not exist. After decades of research and real-world implementations, the rapidly evolving workforce continues to lead us back to the question of how to engineer the perfect performance management process. To rate or not to rate?

The Micron Systems' Editorial Team explores a simpler approach to this complex question.

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Topics: Performance Management, Industry Insights