Talent Management Software Specifically Designed for Accounting Firms

Since 1992, Micron Systems has been a leader in industry-specific Talent Management Software. Today, our innovative software and world-class customer support are trusted by many firms among the Accounting Today Top 100 and Inside Public Accounting Top 400.

CPE Tracking Software and Learning Management System for Accounting Firms

Manage your accounting firm’s CPE tracking and learning with these powerful features:

  • Accurate CPE management and compliance tracking for all US jurisdictions, including specialties like PCAOB, AICPA, Yellow Book, and EBPAQC, tracked with detail and precision
  • Create and customize your own In-Firm licenses
  • Provide your accounting professionals and staff with a user-friendly Learning Management System (LMS)
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Top Performanc

Performance Evaluation Software

Motivate and inspire your professionals and staff to achieve peak performance with these exciting features:

  • Evaluate individuals across offices, departments, positions, and levels including principles, professionals, and staff
  • Create custom evaluations based on roles, departments, engagements, and more
  • Achieve performance objectives through an effective 360 evaluation process or immediate feedback
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Resource Management, Work Management and Project Planning Software

Effortlessly allocate the firm’s resources, workload, and efficiently manage project planning for professionals and staff alike – with these valuable benefits:

  • Find the right people for the right work across multiple projects and teams.
  • Simplify engagement work allocation using a talent dashboard that provides individuals’ suitability based on skill set and recommendations.
  • Focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to avoid unconscious biases, while prioritizing fair and equitable work distribution.
  • Optimize engagement management and project planning using flexible views to update and track assignments, tasks, and overall collaboration.
  • View all work assignments in a given timeframe, broken down by office, department, position, level, gender, and ethnicity.
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